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3 Jobs You Can Do With A Medical Degree

2nd November 2018

Freelance writer Jocasta Morrison is back as our guest with another ‘food for thought’ blog on jobs you can do with a Medical Degree… 

“Obtaining a medical degree is no small feat. After spending 5 years (and thousands of pounds) obtaining your degree, you will more than likely be expected to join a foundation program and become a certified medical doctor. You might be surprised, however, to hear that there are countless med school graduates that have no intention of becoming medical doctors. If you approach graduation and have researched the various options available to you, you may find that your interests have shifted somewhat away from conventional medicine. Don’t fret though, your effort was not in vain, you can still have a prolific career in a medical-related field.

You have to do something, even if it’s not being a doctor

Finding a job after graduation is often as stressful as it is pertinent. Many graduates are faced with burdensome student loan repayments which can be made increasingly agonizing by unemployment. While there are multiple student loan repayment options such as consolidation available, having a steady income will undoubtedly ease a lot of the pressure. Make sure you stay on top of your financial obligations and try to find employment as soon after graduation as possible. Make your willingness to be placed in a variety of medicine-related fields, such as the following, clear from the onset, improving your chances of finding solid employment quickly.

Medical publishing and journalism

Although journalism in the UK is an extremely competitive industry, a medical degree may be a good stepping stone towards a career in medical journalism. While even the most basic journalistic training can be an added benefit when trying to forge a career for yourself in journalism, chances are your scientific credentials and experience will give you a significant edge over graduates who originate from a social sciences or arts background.  A job in STM (science, technical, and medical) publishing is another exciting alternative to consider if you do not want to pursue a career in conventional medicine.

Clinical forensic medical examiner or pathologist

If you find yourself fascinated with TV programs such as CSI and Forensic Investigators, you may be cut out for a career in medical forensics after graduation. A forensic medical examiner is responsible for examining living subjects, such as rape and assault victims, while a forensic pathologist carries out post-mortem examinations on the deceased. Medical forensics is a very interesting and rewarding career path with many opportunities. In addition to performing medical examinations, a forensic examiner may also be called to testify in court proceedings and present their medical findings to a judge.

Sports and exercise medicine

Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) is fast gaining popularity as a profession in the United Kingdom.  SEM focuses on preventing, identifying and treating both medical conditions and injuries in professional and amateur athletes and exercise enthusiasts. There are a number of opportunities that exist with the field of SEM ranging from being a sports medicine physician or exercise physiologist to an athletic trainer, kinesiotherapist or a team doctor. As all the top athletes and sports teams in the world have dedicated medical teams looking after their health, it is by no means impossible to become the next team doctor for your favorite soccer or rugby team.

Regardless of which career you end up choosing, you will undoubtedly make a valuable contribution towards the UK health industry. Do your research, follow your heart and make choices that ultimately will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled.”

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