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Bigger doesn’t always mean better

21st January 2014

So what are the benefits of working for a small business over a well-known, large organisation? Of course, working in an SME is not right for everyone, but don’t dismiss the opportunities out of hand. The potential is significant, on many levels.

The first benefit of working for a small company, or SME, lies in the fact that small companies are typically much more agile and decisions can be made and implemented far more quickly. SMEs are widely recognised as leading in innovation, which means that any ideas that you put forward can be considered and, if well received, implemented more rapidly.

 In a small business, your voice can have much more impact and it is far easier to get yourself heard amongst the mass of employees that exist at a large organisation and you are therefore more likely to be recognised for your hard work.  Your level of responsibility is also likely to be greater and your potential to achieve a greater level of success will mirror that.

Another benefit lies in the opportunity you will get to cross- and multi-skill. SMEs typically have a less formal structure, with job descriptions that might be more fluid.

It’s also great to know that you will get to know everybody within the organisation, even your Managing Director, whereas in a larger organisation they may not even know your name, let alone how you like your tea! Very often it’s much more of a feeling of camaraderie when working for an SME.  

This means that a smaller organisation will promote and nurture a company culture that is aligned to their own company values and ethics. Within a smaller company that culture is easier to maintain across all individuals that work there and culture becomes an important part of the interview process.  Therefore, if you go for an interview at a smaller company and you like the people and feel that the vibe is right then that is probably something that is unlikely to change.

And finally, you get to know the business inside out. From business development to strategic decisions you know exactly what is going on in the business and in terms of your future at the company you have the power to directly impact this.

So when considering your next job role should you consider working for a small business? Absolutely! 

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