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Fear and Loathing in Communications

9th April 2013

I write this with the words of a graduate I spoke with today fresh in my mind; the individual in question had recently finished their degree and bright-eyed and bushy tailed was keenly considering their options within healthcare communications. When each potential role within a number of different agencies was mentioned a theme became apparent; each time I mentioned the company name I was asked ‘What have you heard about them recently?’.

Each time the question was raised it stopped me dead in my tracks, each time it made me think… What had I heard recently? It occurred to me that with each company, large or small I had heard a huge variety of differing opinions ‘Best place I’ve ever worked!’ ‘Wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy!’ people’s voices rushed through my memory as I searched for a response…

Needless to say I invariably came to the conclusion that the graduate ought to keep an open mind and consider each option on it’s merits. Not only were there various positives and negatives to be found for each company, but the fast-moving nature of the industry meant that excess work-load, lack of variety and other common complaints were always ebbing and flowing.

This whole incident really got me thinking; how often do the opinions in the vast ether of ‘the market’ shape my decisions on whom to partner with? My clients decisions when viewing a CV? People’s decisions when viewing a new job description?

Or in other words; perhaps the mind is similar to a parachute, and works best when it is open! 


Daniel is our Recruitment Consultant for our Healthcare Communications division placing personnel into agencies offering a full range of communications; Healthcare Advertising agencies, Healthcare PR agencies, Medical Education agencies and Healthcare Market Research agencies. Daniel works on a range of client-facing vacancies within these Healthcare Communication agencies including Medical Communications jobs, Healthcare PR jobs, Healthcare Consulting jobs, Healthcare Advertising jobs, Healthcare Market Research jobs, Healthcare Account Management jobs, Marketing jobs, Medical Editing jobs, Medical Writer jobs and Medical Education jobs. 

Whether you’re looking to explore your career options or expand your team contact Daniel now to discuss your recruitment aspirations.


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