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Healthcare Communications Recruiters – The Merits of a Middle Man/Woman

21st December 2015

It’s absolutely fair to say that as a recent school leaver, the big wide world of work daunted me. The last 4 months have flown by in my new role as a Specialist Recruiter here at Zenopa. It only seems the other week I was still nervously sitting my A levels (and excitedly anticipating leaving!) 4 months in and my feet are firmly “Under the table” and every day the learning curve is growing. Both recruitment and healthcare communications have given me a large insight into both perceptions of recruiters and how recruiters work best to minimise these undesirable views. 

So what’s the typical perception of a healthcare communications recruiter I ask you? Well a quick search of google heightens the negativity with the top 3 searches being “evil, scum & idiots”. Although google searches may provide you with articles informing you that “recruiters are evil – why would I use them?” it appears the important reasons behind using a (trustworthy) recruiter seem to be forgotten!  There are multiple reasons for using a ‘middle-man/woman’ (2 women here in the team) including our wide knowledge of clients beyond that available in the public domain as well as company culture, working life and their aspirations for a potential employee. In the end… people want someone they can trust; at Zenopa we like to pride ourselves on our levels of integrity, meaning we will be 100% honest with you every step of the way, whether that be through preparation for interviews or providing adequate feedback. If 2015, and my experience within recruitment so far has taught me anything; it’s that direct applications carry a greater risk of inadequate final offers resulting in people having roles which may ultimately disappoint.

So I’ve moaned about the perception, however how can I convince you that using a middle-woman (or man if you use Dan) in this case is beneficial for you? There are many advantages to using a recruiter. One primary advantage is that recruiters carry the weight of your job search for you, enabling you to get on with your work and personal life.   So yes… we work around the clock to ensure you get your dream position; but more than that, we are your trusted advisor offering  thorough preparation, inside company knowledge, package negotiation and simply; the ‘story’ behind the vacancy you are exploring. 

How do we minimise these views? – We can promise to continue to be experts in our field, providing trustworthy and professional career advice and resulting in connecting the best talent of the industry with the best fitting employers. 

In summary the healthcare communications team are here to help you secure your ideal position. (We’re also really funny – so will also provide you with a laugh along the way) 

Merry Christmas from the 3 musketeers at Zenopa!
(Dan, Nazreen & Georgia) 

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