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How to Boost Your Employees Productivity with These Proven Strategies

21st July 2020

It is not wrong to say that the productivity of employees is like breathing for any business. No matter what the size of a business, employees are the most critical assets—the reason why every businessman wants his workforce to be as productive as it can.

The growth and success of any business depend on the productivity of employees. Employee productivity calculates the outputs of employees to every Dollar spend on them in any given business. From the employee’s perspective, the higher level of productivity means more satisfaction with the work they are doing.

The success of a business and the productivity of employees go together. When employees are satisfied, they are more productive. The situation is the opposite when the workers are not happy and less productive. Less productive employees are not loyal ones.

If you are the HR personal of business and encounter a situation where the employees are not productive enough to achieve the goals, you can look into the strategies given below:

1.     Improve the Process of Recruiting and Hiring

Naturally, some people are more suitable and better disciplined for a job than others. These people can be more productive for your business. Recruiting and hiring is the initial step of increasing the productivity of the workplace.

If you hire a person who doesn’t have the right qualification, attitude, and disposition for the job position, the results can be devastating. Choose people with essential skills for the job and who seem to be self-motivated.

Prefer employees that are a cultural fit. It means that the worker is fit for the culture of your workplace. Employees who fit well with the culture of a business, colleagues, and managers or supervisors are highly satisfied with their job and give higher-level job performance.

2.   Explain the Reason for Being in Business

Every business has a set of goals that can be achieved with a productive workforce. For the achievement of business goals within the allocated time frame, it is advised to communicate business goals to the employees.

The staff who are sure about their goals, and how they link the individual goals to the business goals are naturally more focused on their work. When a worker knows he is directly contributing to the success of a business, he is more enthusiastic in finding ways to work efficiently.

3.   Work on The Flow of Communication

Communication within a business can be between supervisors, employees, and different functional departments. The flow of information is essential for a good working relationship between the staff and managers to increase efficiency.

Disputes between the managerial staff and employees are common. The reason behind a dispute is the lack of communication. Even competent employees become less productive because of miscommunications, poorly worded communications, or poorly timed communications.

In case of any conflicts, always listen to both parties and give a comfortable environment. This buck ups the morale of employees and makes them more motivated. You can refine the level of your communication in your workplace, by providing more mediums to use, and also noting occasions of miscommunication that could be improved next time.

4. Improve the Environment of the Workplace

The environment of a workplace is the most critical factor that directly influences the productivity of your workers. Provide a hazard-free workplace to reduce the chances of work accidents. It is the utmost duty of an employer to provide the right tools and equipment for work so that the workers can be more productive and complete tasks on time.

Also, make sure that both heating and air-conditioning systems are operational for when the specific season comes around. A workplace that is too hot or cold can put off the workers. A study conducted by coaxial cable manufacturers found that employee productivity increased by 5% when the environment was more comfortable.

5. Understand and Give Priority to Health Issues

It is also important to give preference to the health-related issues of your employees. If a worker is sick or unwell, he will not be able to perform his duties efficiently. There might be a chance that your unhealthy worker is disturbed in his personal life.

Always give priority to the health of your employees whenever possible. Listen to your employee if he comes up with a sick report or if he is uneasy. Grant and encourage your employees to take breaks and vacations from routine work.

Make sure that your company gives health insurance benefits to your employees. Some private companies try to wiggle out of paying health benefits to save a few bucks. However, in the long run, this costs more than it saves because healthy employees are more productive.

6. Give Feedback and Rewards

The easiest way of increasing the productivity of your worker is to give them regular feedback. Tell them where they are doing good and where they need improvement. But remember, never get harsh. Annual reviews are highly recommended and the most common practice these days, but you can also give feedback whenever you want.

Besides feedback, never forget to reward if your worker has done an excellent job. With a reward, you can refine the productivity of your workers. Rewards can be salary appraisals or bonuses. However, if the business is short with funds, you can also send a congratulatory message to give some positive vibes.

Final Thoughts

The productivity of the workforce in any organization/business is as important as Oxygen for living beings. Without a productive workforce, a business cannot succeed. Therefore, it is essential to maintain employee productivity. In this article, we explained some of the best, most practical strategies for improving employee productivity.

From hiring the right employees who are the right fit for the culture of your business to giving feedback and rewarding your employees, each strategy works. Ultimately, the strategy you choose depends on the nature of your business and your employees. We recommend using a few of these strategies simultaneously to get the best results.

Good luck!


About the Author

Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Shireen Inc.  

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