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Practise makes perfect

27th January 2014

Picture this. Next week you have your first interview in ten years; you know how you should dress – that’s easy – and you know your CV like the back of your hand, but what happens when the interviewer asks you “When have you been least successful?” How can you stop yourself from freezing up on the spot? You may well be used to sitting on the other side of the interview desk but how can you prepare yourself for the questions you don’t know you may get asked and where no clue is given as to how you are expected to answer? Well, we think we have the answer.

Mock interviews over Skype can be an invaluable part of the interview process. Here at Zenopa we offer you the chance to practice those difficult questions that could otherwise have you feeling unsure as to how you can express yourself most favourably or wondering which elements of your background you should be talking about. Skype is a great alternative when a face to face mock interview is just not possible; we understand that you still have other work commitments and time is your enemy.

So how does it work?

A lot of people can interview extremely well but it’s the in-depth competency-based questions that can be extremely tricky and somewhat daunting when you are being interviewed for your potential dream job sitting in front you. We will feedback on everything from body language to the strength of your answer, stopping after each question to advise how you can improve, before we move on the next. The ability to present yourself in the most positive and presentable way – and your confidence in addressing a question that you might have to pause to answer – really grows throughout the call and this will make a huge difference when it comes to the real thing.

For what can be a surprisingly nerve-wracking and anxious concept for those who haven’t been to an interview for a while, a mock interview over Skype really can help to ease the nerves, meaning you can walk into your career interview with confidence, and walk out knowing you have done everything you could to secure the job.

After all, practise really does makes perfect.

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