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Protecting your assets

25th June 2014

Preventative dentistry is the ‘modern way of helping to keep a healthy mouth’ by concentrating on high levels of oral hygiene so that you can ‘prevent’ what used to be the inevitable crowns, fillings and extractions.

You only need to watch an Austin Powers film to remind yourself that the UK has not had the best reputation in oral hygiene and aesthetic beauty in the last 50 years. However with the increased focus on preventative dentistry we need not fear the dentist .Taking responsibility for our own oral health can massively help to reduce the future costs incurred in the dreaded chair.

The UK government, along with dental professionals and dental companies, are pinpointing younger generations to work towards reducing the future problems like decay and gum disease that most people face in later life.

Not only is this important in cutting NHS and our own costs but to reduce such illnesses as mouth cancer and heart disease that can be linked to an unhealthy mouth.  The government strongly supports the NHS dental contract pilots, which reports a shift towards prevention from an outdated focus on the repair of years of damage.

Subsequently this had made oral hygiene one of the most buoyant parts of the healthcare industry and an ever growing sector. If you are interested in working in the area of preventative dentistry in a sales role please get in contact.


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