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Recruiting and retaining your team

14th June 2013

Recruiting and retaining your team – do you need better Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or attract people who share your values?

From a meeting with Jenny Rossitor on EQ and another meeting with Barnaby Wynter on the “Brand Bucket” there was these different approaches:

Jenny Rossitor was facilitating a meeting of HR members of the EMIG group on EQ. Generation X – born in the sixties and seventies – and presumably generation Y – born in the eighties and nineties- have successively become much less respectful of position, and need much more time spent with them individually and socially appealing to their emotions to fully engage them in the business. This is further required in a diverse culture, where views and values are significantly different. In these, people need to spend time with each other to appreciate their differences and thus become comfortable thence being able to work together within the workplace. As part of this, encouraging active use of business time for internally socialising will benefit the long term business activity.

Barnaby Wynter and “The Brand Bucket” came from a different angle, though based around external customers rather than internal, very transferable. The “Brand Bucket” view is that there are no USP’s or differentiators anymore, that with the massive amount of advertising and noise within the social space you cannot get your point “best company” heard, that you really need to find people who share our views and values and attract those to our organisation to build long term relationships based on similarities. From this, “advertise yourselves for who you are and what you stand for”. People will then self select themselves as the sort of organisation and people they wish to work with; these self selected “similars” will not need to spend the business time appreciating the diversity, or feel alienated by it.

Both points have credence, but for you as an individual, do you want to work in a team who respect each others work but have little in common, or in a team where you respect each others work and enjoy each others company? Personally, I like finding out about different opinions, values and culture outside work, not as something I have to do before I can start my day.

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