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Stressing out before an interview? We have you covered.

18th May 2018

You have managed to land an interview for your dream job but it’s the night before and the nerves are starting to kick in. You start to think about every scenario that could happen, each one getting more and more unlikely, but you convince yourself that it will happen to you.

We could tell you not to worry, but we know that you will, it’s only natural to be nervous, but here are a few helpful hints and tips for you to think about before and on the day of your interview to ensure you shine through and give it your best shot!

The night before:

Relax and be prepared.

It’s important the night before to relax as much as you can. Our consultants at Zenopa tend to call those that have an interview the day before for a chat to see how you are feeling and will go over those commonly asked interview questions, and well help you to prepare your answers. Remember is not a memory test or an exam so you can make notes on the key points you want to remember to highlight in your answers.

Then relax, whether that be watching a film, reading a book or having a bath, do something that will take your mind off it. It’s also important to get a good night’s sleep so you fresh faced and ‘on-the-ball’.

Interview Day

Don’t be rushing.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time. A good breakfast will help you start the day and will help to keep the nerves at bay, arrive in plenty of time, (Aim to arrive 10 minutes before) to give yourself time to prepare. Have another quick check on your questions, answers and look at the company just before you go in to refresh your memory and walk in with confidence.

Breathe and be yourself

Interviews are a two way thing. It’s as much about you getting to know the company as it is them getting to know you. Try to act as naturally as you can but don’t get to comfortable and overshare. Don’t forget to breathe, maintain eye contact with everyone on the panel, peak slowly and try not to fidget.

There is a pressure point in the middle of your hand which will help you to relax, but take your time, when asked a question, speak confidently and when you need to refer to your notes.

The Interviewers are human too.

Remember the interviewers are human and will understand that you may be nervous on the day and do take this into consideration if you make a few mistakes – just try not to make too many as there is a limit between a couple of slip ups and not being prepared.

Beware of Caffeine

Caffeine will increase your heart rate and can add to your anxiety and nervousness and amplify your shakiness. So it’s best not to overload on lots of espressos and energy drinks.

And Remember,

The more you stress about being stressed, the more stressed you will get, relax be prepared and give yourself plenty of time to arrive, and be yourself.

With over 25 years recruitment experience within the Healthcare industry, Our consultants at Zenopa can offer support and interview advice to ensure that you are as prepared as you can be for nailing that all important interview. Specialising in Sales, marketing, Management, Advisory and engineering role, we work with the leading companies within the medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, dental and animal health sectors. If you would like Zenopa to represent and assist you with your next job opportunity, you can send us a messageregister your details or call us on +44 (0) 1494 818 000.

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