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The Importance of PR within the Healthcare Industry

26th May 2017

With the healthcare industry constantly evolving, public relations (PR) is proving to be needed more now than it ever has done. Companies’ that wish to stay ahead should invest in PR to create demand and sends a solid message that will position the business as the front runner against their competitors. This is where a public relations agency or recruiting for a PR employee would help to achieve this objective.
People working within Healthcare Public Relations, specialise in the handling of internal and external communications for healthcare companies.
There are four keys parts to a PR Role:
There are multiple audiences within the Healthcare industry who require different messages. This will require different tones and use of language to be use to send the message to each audience, and PR executive can use their skills to address this for the business.
Building the brand
As in any industry, organisations come in all different sizes and type. This is the same within healthcare, and it is therefore important to make your business stand out from the rest. This can be achieved by building a brand presence. Attending networking events and exhibitions is a great way to start, but another way is through PR. Professionals can build up the brand using their specific skills.
Company Advisor
Rules and regulations in certain areas within healthcare tend evolve and it can be difficult to keep track of all the changes. The PR professional or agency would be on top of this and would be able to offer advice and accurate recommendations as necessary.
Enhance Business Growth
A trade publication or review depending on the nature of your business if done correctly is a powerful way to generate more business as well as enhancing the brand. PR strategies will need to be put in place and work best if they co-inside with sales and marketing plans, and can lead to bigger media coverage for potential customers to see and generate demand. They will require thought and this can be time consuming but worth the effort.
The most important part of a PR role, is the handling of communications between the general public and the reputations of their clients but other responsibilities include writing for internal publications and other materials, newsletters, and handling calls from the media.
Considering a role with Healthcare PR?
A career within healthcare PR can be rewarding and offer endless career opportunities, but it can be stressful. Candidates who consider this type of role need to be highly organized as there are times where it is a heavy workload, and this can be stressful.  A normal working week within PR would be 40 hours per week, but this can vary due to unforeseen circumstances and deadline dates.  Although there is no set entry route in to PR but if you are looking at a career within a healthcare agency, a degree or relevant qualification, or experience within the field is helpful.
Public Relations is a hugely creative, fast-paced industry. By its very nature, PR industry is always in need of fresh ideas and talented individuals. There are a variety of roles available that require different skills and abilities.
Typical roles within Healthcare Public Relations

  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Account Director
  • Associate Account Director
  • Client Services Director
  • Director

How can we help you?
At Zenopa our Healthcare Communications team have built up very strong relationships with leading PR agencies including Synergy, Lucid, 90Ten and Cherry. If you would like to find out more about the PR roles we have available, contact the team on +44 (0) 1494 818 006, send us a message or email enquiries@zenopa.com.

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