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The loneliness of the long distance worker

3rd April 2013

Working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee). Although initially the allure of being able to combine work life with home life and thereby achieve some form of balance is appealing, it is not without its disadvantages as it requires huge amounts of self-discipline and time management.

Zenopa have always had a forward thinking approach to the utilisation of technology in order to create flexible working conditions. In the early years (the mid 90’s) we thought we were at the forefront of technology by having a telephone line installed on our exhibition stands so that we could install a fax machine and present our clients with CVs of candidates who had expressed an interest in the vacancies we had sourced at these exhibitions.

Having just read the above paragraph I can see that many people reading this may express concerns and doubts over my enthusiasm for such an outdated piece of technology as a fax machine – I can only respond by saying ‘you had to be there’!

My role as Scotland Manager allows me to work from home as Zenopa have installed the technology that allows me to do this – wireless broadband and Skype for example, plus we have IT systems that allow seamless connectivity between Scotland, Leeds, Penn and indeed across Europe as we attend exhibitions and client meetings that are supporting our European expansion.

Being part of a team used to mean that you worked within eyesight / earshot of each other, but this is no longer the case. Being part of a team simply means you have to be connected to your colleagues and in this modern age, that can be achieved as effectively on a technological basis as it can on a physical basis.

The loneliness of the long distance worker… no such thing!


Morag is our Scotland Manager and also works within our Pharmaceutical Executive division. covering Pharmaceutical Management Jobs, Pharmaceutical Marketing Jobs, Medical Affairs Jobs, Pharmaceutical Training Jobs, Medical Liaison Jobs, Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Jobs, Pharmaceutical Business Unit Manager jobs, Pharmaceutical Communications Jobs, Pharmaceutical Market Research Jobs and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Jobs. Whether you’re looking to explore your career options or expand your team, contact Morag now to discuss your recruitment aspirations.

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