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Working at Zenopa: a vibrant, challenging environment

17th June 2021

We’ve all got a comfort zone; that non-threatening place where familiarity and routine give you with a sense of predictable safety.  At work, it might be a role you’ve been in long enough to know all aspects of the job — you know the people and you’re confident with the processes, the systems and know how to use them. Basically, no curved balls ever come your way. We call that state ‘unconscious competence’ and unfortunately, although it sounds like a reassuring place to be, and when you’re new to a job you aspire to  get to the point when you know our job inside out, but… is it really fulfilling once you’ve gotten there and been there for a while? 

Staying in your comfort zone can put you in a work rut. You might find yourself clock-watching, being easily distracted,  disengaging form routine tasks, your productivity dips as your attention wanders, and you find yourself craving the stimulation and novel experiences that would give you the opportunity to learn and grown.  Research suggests that you can greatly increase your productivity, resilience, and ability to cope with change by taking on new challenges and doing things that give you a healthy amount of anxiety.  If you think you may have fallen into a rut, here’s an example of how to  inject some challenge and vibrancy back into your role work, and how at Zenopa we strive to ‘mix things up’ daily and keep ourselves in a happy equilibrium to add vibrancy and challenge to our work and progress in our professional lives.

At Zenopa, video conferencing was already an area of technology utilised by us pre-COVID that enabled us to engage with our clients and candidates, but our technical remote working skills had to rapidly up-scale during 2020. Whilst remote working we turned the benefits of our enhanced technology skills on ourselves and instigated daily team check-ins and company Zoom breakouts give plenty of opportunities to engage with colleagues throughout lockdown and beyond, for support and for our own mental health needs and to socialise too. This is us Zooming with our red noses for Comic Relief 2021! 

Virtually meeting our candidates and clients has also enriched relationship-building and honed our comms competence and importantly, gives us more communication scope and options that ever before to support our customers going forwards. By injecting some challenge into your work and learning new technology you can upgrade your skills, be more productive, and communicate with your co-workers and clients in new, engaging ways. 

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