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3D Printing Gains Recognition for Periodontal Renewal Therapy

9th August 2023

A new study conducted by specialists from KSR Institute of Dental Science and Research in Tiruchengode’s Department of Periodontology offers beneficial advice for physicians on the rising significance of 3D printing in periodontal regeneration treatment.

Since the primary goal of periodontal treatment is to restore or repair the destroyed periodontium. Nevertheless, 3D printing is now gaining recognition as a unique method that accelerates the regeneration of tissue found in periodontal abnormalities by enabling optimal cell connections.

Because dental regeneration has a plethora of linked medical objectives, 3D printing has grown to tackle them as well. These objectives consist of socket conservation, root exposure and peri-osseous deformity treatment, sinus and ridge enhancement, and peri-implant renewal. While 3D-printed remedies are producing excellent outcomes, the technology is still underperforming in other sectors.

The investigators highlighted an experiment that demonstrated that a custom framework 3D-printed using the biodegradable material maintained adequate support and rigidity of the alveolar ridge, yet produced soft-tissue breakdown with little to no bone recovery.

As a whole, this thorough investigation highlights the huge potential of 3D-printing techniques for transforming the area of periodontal regeneration treatment, as well as the necessity for further studies to verify its efficacy and feasibility in medical environments.

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