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Agilent Technologies says new product is well suited

9th January 2009

Agilent Technologies’ new mobile station tester product is well fitted for various requirements, the company has said.

According to the firm, the N9360A mobile station tester can be used with several applications and is capable of taking an upgrade for multi-format applications.

It was described by Agilent Technologies in a statement as "a standalone one-box test set for cost-effective mobile device test in service and repair, manufacturing and research and development applications".

Testers can use it to assess call processing performance in various mobile phones.

Among the manufacturer’s claims is that its network emulation is not expensive and that the product is "ideal" for testing in times of financial restriction.

Prices begin at $21,540 (14,166 pounds) for a GSM/GPRS mobile station tester.

Another new product recently announced by Agilent Technologies is a computer system tester, using an interposer probe, for research and development engineers of the HyperTransport 3 system.

A benefit of the probe is that it has less of an effect on the system while it is being tested.

The product makes use of Agilent protocol software and a logic analyser interface by electronics firm Astek.

Information is decoded by the software as it comes in and is then made viewable on the logic analyser.

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