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Alcohol’s impact on sleep noted

19th August 2009

A new campaign that aims to highlight the damaging effect that alcohol can have on sleeping habits has been launched.

The Department of Health claims that drinkers across England are losing valuable sleep and disrupting vital brain functions without knowing that alcohol is the cause.

A survey by the body found that over half of almost 2,000 people surveyed did not realise that drinking more than the recommended daily limits can cause sleep problems.

More men than women were unaware of the link.

Commenting on the campaign, public health minister, Gillian Merron said: “Lots of people don’t realise that drinking too much can disrupt your sleep, leave you dehydrated and unable to remember parts of your evening.

Jessica Alexander, spokesperson for the Sleep Council added: “Although many people may feel alcohol helps them get off to sleep, it is also a major culprit for disrupting your night.”

The Department of Health estimates that over ten million adults regularly exceed suggested alcohol limits, increasing their risk of serious illness such as heart and liver disease.

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