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Anachem announces new polymerase system

18th May 2009

Anachem has announced the availability of a new DNA polymerase system it claims can offer enhanced PCR performance.

The company states the high fidelity and speed of the Kapa Hi-Fi HotStart kit make it a product that truly "has it all", adding its long range abilities and overall robust nature are also worthy of note.

Engineered with increased affinity for DNA in mind, the system removes the need for accessory protein domains and offers intrinsic high processivity of enzyme results.

Users can also expect to see improvements in a range of areas when utilising the kit, including enhanced yield, sensitivity, speed and target length.

In addition, Anachem notes the platform also has the ability to amplify even more difficult templates.

"Typical proofreading polymerases require extension times of one to two minutes per kilobase," the group states.

"HotStart requires extension times of just 30 seconds per kilobase, providing the potential to save up to 75 per cent of total reaction time."

Anachem recenmtly claimed the Kapa 2G Fast HotStart offering could provide "outstanding PCR performance" with reduced cycling times of up to 70 per cent.

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