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Bio-Techne Releases New RNAscope Plus smRNA-RNA Detection Assay

26th January 2023

With the introduction of the RNAscope Plus smRNA-RNA detection test, Bio-Techne has publicised the extension of its Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD) RNAscopeTM in situ hybridization (ISH) product range.

The device allows for the fluorescence discovery of a tiny regulatory RNA with select RNAs or RNA biomarkers within the same region of tissue at both a single-cell and subcellular level.

The assay will be made available as part of the Leica Bond Rx platform alongside its function as a manual test, it was always intended to be scaled simply and rapidly to accommodate bigger investigations.

MiRNA’s and other small- scale controlling RNAs play an important role in human health and have been linked to a variety of disorders.

In order to pinpoint the cellular location of miRNAs and assess the effectiveness of therapeutic oligonucleotide administration in preclinical animal model systems, Advanced Cell Diagnostics miRNAscope ISH technology has emerged as the industry standard.

Researchers can now evaluate trends and anomalies in gene expression and cellular function when exposed to regulatory RNAs using the new smRNA-RNA detection test in combination with Biotechne’s previous products.

Bio-Techne’s Diagnostics and Genomics division lead, Kim Kelderman, explained that they are expanding their “unique offering for the gene therapy community with the launch of the RNAscope Plus smRNA-RNA detection assay.” They have so far “received an overwhelmingly positive customer response following introduction and are thrilled to provide broader access to accelerate the groundbreaking work of our customers.”

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