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Bledsoe Joins Gilead to Diversify Clinical Trials

10th March 2023

Stacey Bledsoe transitioned from a career as a neonatal critical care nurse to an outcome liaison at biopharmaceuticals firm Eli Lilly back in 2003, spending almost 2 decades at the company. However, she initially became aware of the lack of diversity in clinical trials when she learned that her father was confirmed to have lung cancer.

Shortly following this realisation, Stacey took a leadership position in campaigns to boost diversity representation in interventional studies. She discovered that underrepresented groups only make up 10-15% of trial partakers, even though black women have a 40% higher risk of mortality with breast cancer.

Her research concluded that one of the main reasons minorities don’t participate is due to a long-term, ingrained mistrust in the healthcare sector. However, there is also a problem with both caregivers and patients having a level of ignorance around this topic.

Stacey joined Gilead Sciences as Head of Global Clinical Trial D&I back in July because of its “reputation for putting patients first.” By the end of 2022, she had come up with a strategic plan centred on patients, caregivers, and healthcare organisations.

Locating research near patients’ homes so they don’t have to commute far to attend and including healthcare professionals from a similar background who can connect to and empathise with them are two ways to promote a wider variety of trial subjects.

It is also imperative to create solid ties with nongovernmental organizations, churches, and lobby groups that may offer support to trial patients.

Her team is collaborating with Black Health Matters throughout Black History Month in October for an awareness program on Gilead’s cancer studies for triple-negative breast cancer, which is common in the Black community.

The US FDA has also released new preliminary guidelines encouraging biopharmaceutical firms to include more people in clinical trials who belong to minority racial and ethnic groupings.

Stacey’s ultimate objective is to provide others with chances that her father was unable to have.

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