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BMS and Sanofi Aventis drug Plavix reduces repeat heart attack risk, says study

7th November 2005

Combining Sanofi-Aventis and BMS antipletelet drug Plavix (clopidogrel), one of the world’s fastest growing drugs, with standard aspirin therapy reduces the fatality risks of heart attack patients, says a study published by Lancet.

More than 1,200 clinics in China participated in the trials on 45,852 patients which showed that adding a 75mg dose of clopidogrel to standard Aspirin therapy led to a nine per cent reduction in second heart attack and stroke fatalities, compared to aspirin alone.

The tests also showed that patients allocated clopidogrel had a 14 per cent reduction in repeat heart attacks during the scheduled treatment period. “Clopidogrel … safely reduces mortality and major vascular events in hospital, and should be considered routinely,” said the authors, led by Chen Zhengming of the University of Oxford.

The study recommends further research to examine the benefits of continuing clopidogrel after heart attack patients have left hospital. If early clopidogrel therapy was provided to just one million of the ten million heart attack patients admitted to hospital every year it could save 5,000 lives suggested the study. It also found no evidence of an increase in major bleeding episodes.

A second stage of the study also examined the effect of giving patients early intravenous then oral metoprolol (beta blocker therapy) in emergency heart attack treatment. The relative risk of repeat heart attacks or ventricular fibrillation was reduced by around 15 ??? 20 per cent but increased the relative risk of cardiac shock by 30 per cent, said the team.

The risk was especially acute during the first day or so after admission and the study recommended delaying treatment until after the patients condition had stabilised.

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