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Calls for new legislation on ‘binge drinking’

22nd October 2007

BMA Scotland, the Scottish division of the British Medical Association (BMA), has called for new government legislation for the introduction of compulsory labelling on products containing alcohol in order to aid consumers in their attempts to better manage their drinking.

It notes that severe intoxication and binge drinking can result in blurred vision, muscular incoordination, convulsions, respiratory depression, depressed reflexes, hypotension and coma.

Furthermore, BMA Scotland also outlined the societal implications of “binge drinking”, including an increased propensity to be involved in antisocial and criminal activity and engage in unprotected sex.

Alcohol misuse is reported to cost the NHS in Scotland approximately 110 million pounds each year, with one in 30 deaths in the country reportedly related to alcohol.

Dr Peter Terry, chairman of the BMA in Scotland, said: “The only way that individuals can keep a check on their own drinking patterns is to have access to clear information about what they are consuming.

“Consistent information on alcohol content and units along with guidelines on the daily drinking limits would help people to better understand their own drinking habits.”

He added that the introduction of standardised labelling on products containing alcohol can help individuals make informed choices regarding their consumption of alcohol and avoid the transmission of mixed messages on the issue.

Earlier this month, a survey from the North West Public Health Observatory revealed that people living in Manchester and Liverpool are most likely nationwide to drink alcohol a potentially damaging levels.

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