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Capitainer Releases New and Improved Self Sampling Blood Card

22nd December 2022

Capitainer is releasing a self-sampling card that captures and stores more blood (2 x 50 microlitres) compared to the previous model (2 x 10 microlitres).

This allows for a wider variety of tests and the measurement of additional biomarkers within the blood from an identical sample.

These new options from Capitainer function by having the patient take their own blood (or with help) using a special sample card. An exact volume of dried blood is absorbed on the card and contained on a paper disc. There is no requirement for particular wrapping or refrigerated shipping because the sample is forwarded by ordinary mail services to the laboratory for examination.

Closer compatibility with currently used laboratory tests, procedures, and apparatus is achieved by collecting a higher sample volume.

Capitainer’s Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Aulin, explained that this enables “more laboratories will have the opportunity to analyse our samples. It will be easier to implement and take advantage of our smart self-sampling solutions, and it offers new opportunities for rural areas in developing countries.”

Capitainer B 50 facilitates testing that calls for higher blood volumes for precise measurement and examination. One of them is quantitative PCR, which is found in the makeup of, for instance, HIV and hepatitis levels. The new device may also be used to examine compounds that are present in very small amounts, like doping agents.

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