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CBCT 3D Printing Personalises Periodontal Treatment

12th September 2023

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is used in dentistry across the UK, it involves a cone shaped x-ray taking images of your teeth. Now, a CBCT-based 3D printing device presents a viable answer to Periodontitis treatment challenges.

This cutting-edge method attempts to create scaffolds that are unique to each person, laying the groundwork for individualized periodontitis therapy options.

A duo of scaffold design techniques using CBCT data are used in the procedure: one for bespoke block grafts to address periodontal abnormalities and the other for extraction socket conservation.

A 3D-printed version of the scaffolds and the hard tissue around the injury is then modified for the purpose of managing periodontitis.

The research’s originality lies in its focus on outlining the scaffold design procedure and in its capacity to identify complex osseous faults and generate scaffolds that are extremely precise.

The research fails to evaluate the CBCT models’ accuracy against actual clinical scenarios, hence highlighting the necessity for further partnerships with clinical experts.

“CBCT-based design of patient-specific 3D bone grafts for periodontal regeneration”, was posted in the Journal of Clinical Medicine at the end of July.

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