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Ceva Animal Health’s product recommended to calm dogs

30th June 2009

Ceva Animal Health’s product has been recommended for use to help reduce the level of trauma caused by loud noise to pets.

Joan Lowell Smith wrote an article for NJ.com about how to keep animals tranquil and lower the risk of them hurting a human through agitation, fear or distress.

When trying to keep dogs calm while there are fireworks going off nearby, she suggested using DAP from Ceva Animal Health.

Ms Smith explained it is also effective at helping separation anxiety ? as well as other behavioural issues ? and is only available from veterinarians.

The writer had further tips for children to avoid being attacked by a canine.

She advised youngsters to never approach an unknown animal, avoid teasing pets in any way and to leave sleeping or feeding dogs alone.

“When approaching an unfamiliar dog, it is safest to present a closed fist faced downward for the dog to sniff before extending the fingers to pet,” Ms Smith suggested.

Ceva Animal Health is the UK subsidiary of the veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory Ceva Sante Animale.

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