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Cocaine risk ‘greater than thought’

14th January 2010

Over three per cent of recorded sudden deaths are caused by cocaine use, according to a new study.

Scientists who carried out the research believe that the class A drug is becoming an increasingly worrying public health concern, with the UK having the highest proportion of adults admitting to having used the drug, at 7.7 per cent.

Heart problems as a consequence of taking cocaine are responsible for many deaths caused by the substance, it was discovered.

Professor Richard Lange, a cardiologist from the University of Texas at San Antonio who analysed the study, said the results were “alarming” as the problems that come with misusing cocaine are “under-recognised”.

He added there is no “safe dose” of cocaine, explaining: “One of the interesting things about this study is that we observed that it isn’t just chronic users to whom the cardiac effects were linked.

“Often it was recreational users and sometimes even first-time users.”

The study revealed that 3.1 per cent, or 21 out of 668 sudden deaths in south-west Spain, were caused by cocaine and suggested that this statistic can be applied to much of Europe, including the UK.

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