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Dental school ‘discovers new bacteria’

12th May 2008

The Glasgow University Dental School claims to have discovered previously unidentified bacteria which cause bad breath.

Researchers at the seat of learning have claimed that they have discovered bacteria at the back of people’s mouths which can cause them to suffer halitosis, adding that they will now work on finding a way to stop the bad smells.

Marcello Riggio, an expert in microbiology at the dental school, stated that the majority of mouthwashes do not stop the problem – they simply mask it with a more pleasant smell.

“There are washes which contain strong antiseptics, which kill bacteria but you can’t use them for long periods of time,” the doctor added.

Dental health supplier Listerine recently publicised a report from University College London, which found that millions of Britons suffer from periodontal disease.

It noted that the illness causes bad breath, painful gums and teeth and costs the NHS around 2.7 billion pounds a year.

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