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Doctor concerns over standards of care

4th June 2009

A new study has found doctors are frequently frustrated in their attempts to raise concerns about standards of care and their ability to introduce new ideas.

Research by the British Medical Association (BMA) found three quarters of the 565 doctors questioned admitted they had concerns over issues relating to patient safety, malpractice or bullying.

Seven out of ten of those with worries said they had raised them with the relevant authority at their health trust but many described their experiences of reporting issues as being negative.

Over 15 per cent of doctors who had reported concerns said their trusts had indicated that by speaking up, their employment could be negatively affected.

Dr Jonathan Fielden called for a culture change in the NHS.

He said: “It is worrying that some trusts seem to be stifling professional voices.

“No doctor, no nurse, no porter, anywhere in the NHS should be made to feel that speaking up for their patients is a bad career move.”

Dr Fielden added all concerns should be taken seriously, while any ideas for improvements should also always be encouraged.

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