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DoH launches stroke awareness campaign

9th February 2009

A campaign designed to educate people on how to recognise the signs of a stroke has been launched by the Department of Health (DoH) today.

The £12 million initiative is scheduled to last three years and to show the UK how to use the FAST test.

Using each letter of this word, people can remember a corresponding symptom that may be exhibited by someone having a stroke.

F stands for facial weakness – for example, if the person can smile or not or whether a feature is drooping.

A represents arm weakness, as some stroke victims cannot raise one or both arms.

S is for speech problems, which are a sign of this type of medical attack.

T stands for “time to call 999” – because if someone shows any of these signs then an ambulance needs to be requested.

National director for heart disease and stroke Professor Roger Boyle remarked: “The faster a stroke patient receives emergency treatment, the better their chances are of surviving and avoiding long-term disability.”

He added that this type of medical event spreads in the brain “like a fire”.

About 150,000 people in the UK suffer from the condition each year, according to the Stroke Association.

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