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Home Industry News Effectiveness of cancer treatment could be measured more accurately

Effectiveness of cancer treatment could be measured more accurately

16th March 2018

Cancer could soon be tracked more effectively after an improved method for cancer cell capture was demonstrated.

New research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison builds on several years of work in isolating circulating tumour cells (CTCs), which have been feared as harbingers of metastasising cancer.

Most free-floating cancer cells do not go on to establish a new tumour, but having the ability to accurately quantify these cast-offs could provide another way to track treatment or screen for the disease.

During the study, the number of CTCs diminished when patients responded well to radiotherapy, suggesting CTCs could eventually become a predictive biomarker or biomarker for surveillance for at least a few cancers.

It is hoped that this approach may supplement other techniques for tracking the progress of treatment.

To carry out the study, researchers used specially designed technology named CapioCyte, which flows a small amount of a patient's blood through a chamber lined with tumour cell-capturing proteins.

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