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Flu- ID app aims to reduce flu hospitalization this winter

8th November 2021

A healthcare at home provider, Cera, has designed and released a tracker and treatment system to aid the older generation through the winter period, when flu often becomes a problem. The digital system called ‘Flu- ID’ aims to seriously minimize the quantity of flu patients that end up in the hospital.

The new treatment and tracker system works through Cera’s central App. This is backed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning monitors which can find signs that show deteriorating condition (as a result of the flu) 30x quicker than historical methods. The patients’ vitals are checked each day by a carer, for example, their temperature, this data is then entered into the Cera app while home care visits are occurring. Doing this can change the rate of diagnosis down from several days to just minutes, so flu development can be found and dealt with much faster in the home of the patient, thereby reducing the rate of hospitalisation.

The healthcare company currently employs the best part of 10000 nurses and carers who help to deliver over 45000 visits to patients’ homes daily in the UK. Cera responds to thousands of alerts for medical issues like viruses and infections every day.

The hope is that this will make a substantial difference to the NHS who are at risk of being inundated with flu and covid 19 cases in the coming colder months. The prediction is that there will be 7000 hospitalisations for flu each week and approximately 60000 fatalities (Academy of Medical Sciences).

It has been said that the quantity of people with the flu could be double the average level for the winter season. According to the British Medical Journal, those who experience both Covid 19 had the flu at once have double the chance of dying compared to those who only have one or the other.

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