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Flushing teat liners ‘reduces bacteria’

25th January 2008

Automatically flushing teat liners with a cleansing liquid after each cow is milked can reduce bacteria levels by almost 97 per cent, a vet has claimed.

Reported in the Farmers Guardian, Roger Blowey of the Wood Veterinary Group, on behalf of Vaccar, has claimed not many farmers fully understand the important of teat liner hygiene when it comes to controlling risk.

“The majority of new infections enter the teat while the teat end muscles are relaxed, so the liner is a major source of potential infections. Flushing the liners reduces this risk considerably,” he told the news source.

Mr Blowey made his comments following trials in which he swabbed teat liners before and after they were flushed, showing a reduction in staphylococcus aureus of more than 97 per cent and an 89 per cent reduction in coliforms – which reveal faecal contamination.

Advice from the NMC (previously known as the National Mastitis Council) urges farmers to keep udders well-clipped to reduce the amount of dirt and manure in the area as it could pose contamination risks to the milk.

It reports that milking wet or dirty teats increases the chance of high bacteria counts.

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