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Frontier Medical Now on FP10 and NHS Supply Network

27th March 2023

Frontier Medical now has a place on both FP10 and the NHS supply network. This means their medical devices are now obtainable in a range of healthcare environments so long as you have a prescription.

Tri-block polymer gel pressure dispersion patches from the Dermisplus Prevent line are intended to lower the risk of pressure damage.

Dermisplus Prevent tubing can be requested for administration if you are having home therapy that calls for the use of medical equipment like oxygen masks, leaving you vulnerable to developing pressure ulcers. In a similar vein, if you need Dermisplus Prevent tubing while hospitalised, you may ask for it.

According to calculations, caring for the 700,000 individuals who suffer from pressure ulcers every year consumes a daily total of £3.8 million for the NHS. It is estimated that Dermisplus Prevent products can save up to 18% of this expense and increase the time efficiency of carers since individuals who use medical devices have an increased risk of experiencing pressure ulcers and skin breakdown.

Dermisplus Prevent’s benefits go beyond its use as an excellent pressure ulcer prevention tool, with the product being versatile and simple to administer therefore increasing ease of use for healthcare providers and patients. It is marketed as a long lasting, latex-free product which can be sanitised and used over and over.

Frontier Medical Group’s PM, Craig Jones, said that “many of our products including the Repose range of pressure redistribution cushions, are available via NHS Supply Chain. Dermisplus Prevent will now be being prescribed to patients who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers.”

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