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GDC performance surveys unveil truth behind service quality

13th December 2021

All dental specialists know that there are distinct benefits to getting comments from patients, this not only demonstrates the professional’s interest in customer opinion but also allows you to consider your what is being done well and what are the limitations. Stakeholder feedback should reveal issues that need to be addressed and aid in maintaining high quality service.

The Dental Defence Union (DDU) does surveys on a regular basis to make sure that they are on track to accomplish objectives. A couple of examples of what is monitored are employee civility, professionalism, and response time to inquiries. The newest study revealed over 90% of customers were content with their experience.

A study showed that the (General Dental Council) GDC was seen in an unfavourable light, with almost 60% of the responses reflecting this. When compared to a similar questionnaire done back in 2018, it is clear that views have become worse. Some of these changes can be blamed on the GDC’s approach to the pandemic, with regulator’s fitness to practise (FTP) procedures being a point of unpopularity.

Areas for improvement were highlighted by interviewees- two examples being improved assistance for dental practitioners and more frequent communication. In response to this the GDC has set out some new initiatives. They aim to use information more effectively to reduce various delays that can occur during the FTP process. In addition, the agency intends to hire employees with experience in cases and increase communication.

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