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Government and Moderna Partner on UK Innovation and Technology Centre

22nd December 2022

The government has signed off an agreement with Moderna which means patients in the UK will be safeguarded against any future dangers to world health, such as possible pandemics.

The financial input aims to solidify the UK’s position as a global leader in the life sciences and offer domestically produced mRNA vaccines to NHS patients.
On the back of this deal, an innovation and technology centre will be established which will generate over 150 specialised employment opportunities and create the ability to manufacture 250 million vaccinations annually in the case of another pandemic.

The facility will also be able to create vaccines for a variety of other diseases, including the flu and RSV. Furthermore, it will be designed to quickly scale up production in the case of a nationwide or worldwide medical emergency, greatly enhancing our capacity to deal with upcoming pandemics.

This completes the collaboration efforts started in June 2022 pioneered by the Vaccine Taskforce.

The business has now agreed to spend a significant amount of money on R&D projects in the UK over the next decade. Part of this will be conducting a sizable quantity of clinical trials, and providing capital for UK institutions, such as funding for PhD positions and research initiatives.

This facility will work to realise this promise by creating ground-breaking therapies in the UK that will help both NHS patients and individuals all around the world.
The initial round mRNA vaccine production is anticipated to be manufactured in 2025, with building construction set to begin at the start of 2023.

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