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Graphene-coated rubber bands ‘offer health monitoring potential’

20th August 2014

British scientists have found a new way of using common elastic bands coated with graphene to aid the development of health monitoring systems.

A team from the University of Surrey and Trinity College Dublin observed that this treatment results in rubber bands that remain highly pliable, but can also deliver an electromechanical response on movement.

They can be used to monitor breathing, pulse and joint movement, allowing them to be incorporated into lightweight sensor suits for vulnerable patients such as premature babies. By monitoring subtle movements in this way, doctors can be alerted to any irregularities.

Although body motion sensors already exist in various forms, they are not currently in widespread use due to their complexity and cost of production – something this new method would solve.

Professor Jonathan Coleman from Trinity College in Dublin said: "Each device would probably cost pennies instead of pounds, making it ideal technology for use in developing countries where there are not enough medically trained staff to effectively monitor and treat patients quickly."

Graphene is a form of pure carbon, manufactured into near-transparent sheets that are only one atom thick. The material's unique characteristics and thinness means it has a number of potential applications.ADNFCR-8000103-ID-801743471-ADNFCR

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