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Innovative new biologically-powered chip technology developed

11th December 2015

A new type of biologically-powered chip has been created that could allow for the development of artificial systems that contain both biological and solid-state components.

Produced by the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science, the innovative device integrates a conventional solid-state complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit with an artificial lipid bilayer membrane.

This membrane incorporated ion pumps powered by adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which plays a crucial role in transporting chemical energy within cells for metabolism. It opens the door for the creation of devices that can replicate biological functions such as taste and smell.

For example, this technology could be used to create a device to replace bomb-sniffing dogs, while it could also yield medical research applications.

Ken Shepard, professor of electrical and biomedical engineering at Columbia Engineering, said: "This was quite a unique new direction for us and it has great potential to give solid-state systems new capabilities with biological components."

Having developed a macroscale version of the system as a proof of concept, the team will now be looking at ways to scale the technology down.ADNFCR-8000103-ID-801807948-ADNFCR

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