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International Drop in Application of Animal Antimicrobials

20th September 2023

The international application of antimicrobials in animals has decreased by 13% in the past three years, signaling yet another important change in the ongoing attempts to maintain the efficacy of these vital medications.

Antimicrobial medications, e.g., antibiotics, made it possible for both humans and animals to thrive in safer environments. However, owing to abuse and overuse in several industries, a phenomenon coined “antimicrobial resistance” means these crucial medications are gradually losing their effectiveness.

Tracking the usage of antimicrobials in this setting is essential for spotting recurring trends and patterns. This can help with making choices and uptaking adoption of strategies to guarantee successful and long-lasting use of these crucial pharmaceuticals.

The most recent WOAH study on the abuse of antimicrobials shows a drop in the usage of those deemed vital for human health.

WOAH’s worldwide database, ANIMUSE, enables interactive public access to international and local information while offering members simplified reporting, error checking, and data visualization capabilities.

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