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IsoChemiX Using Organic Isotopes to get Drugs to Market 6 Months Faster

27th January 2023

The process of manufacturing and authorising drugs for market is extensive, with the final product often taking 10-15 years to come into fruition. The expense of pre-clinical trials are also astronomical, generally amounting to between £1.2 and £1.64 billion.

IsoChemiX, a firm located in Norwich Research Park, is working on a way to speed up the process and potentially save firms up to £87 million.

A large quantity of isotope-based compounds are required by pharmaceutical businesses across the globe. However, they are expensive and in short supply, with accessibility for businesses frequently restricted.

Currently, the bulk of radioactive isotopes used in pharmaceutical product trials come from Russia. The vulnerabilities of this supply chain have been underlined by the continued political instability present in that region.

Dr. Sean Bew from the University of East Anglia’s School of Chemistry discovered that stable isotope labelled compounds (SILCs), the organic counterparts to radioactive variations, were not yet being generated for the same purpose.

He founded IsoChemiX in 2017, receiving a Translation Award and initial financing from UEA’s Proof of Concept fund.

IsoChemiX’s predominant client base will be in the medtech, biotech, agriculture chemicals, pharmaceutical, and disease diagnostics sectors. As it stands, the SILC market had been valued at approximately £368 million.

Sean explained that “the potential our chemistry offers the pharmaceutical industry around the world is very exciting.” We will “be able to produce a greater supply of the highly sought-after SILC molecules” and reduce the expense. “That should mean the drug development process is shortened and drugs become less expensive to produce, which ultimately will be great news for the people who need them.”

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