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Johnson and Johnson advises on pain control

15th September 2009

Johnson and Johnson has issued some advice to consumers on how to avoid unnecessary pain this autumn by easing themselves correctly into any new exercise initiatives they embark upon.

According to the TYLENOL Pain Survey, undertaken by Angus Reid Strategies, more than 50 per cent of respondents plan to start a new exercise regime this summer, or step up their current ones.

However, the firm warns, suddenly taking up more intense physical activity could result in pain and injuries.

To avoid this, Johnson and Johnson advises consulting a physician beforehand for a health check-up, easing into a new programme slowly rather than reaching full intensity right away and stretching correctly before each workout.

It also advises people to ensure they have a good-fitting pair of trainers and allow reasonable time between sessions to allow the body to relax.

The company has been focused on soreness prevention of late, it appears, it launched a new website last week, designed to offer links and advice those who suffer from chronic shoulder pain.

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