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Junk food ‘much more distracting than healthy food’

27th October 2017

Junk food is significantly more likely to grab the attention of hungry people than healthier options, according to a new study.

Conducted by Johns Hopkins University, the research saw a group of participants asked to complete a complicated computer task, while pictures flashed very briefly in the periphery of the screen, some of which were of different kinds of food.

It was shown that images of high-fat, high-calorie foods were nearly twice as distracting as other images, whereas healthy food pictures were no more distracting to people than pictures of non-foods like bicycles and footballs.

In a further wrinkle to the experiment, it was found that people who had been given a small chocolate snack before taking part in the experiment did not experience the same distraction, responding to the images the same as any of the others.

Howard Egeth, a professor at Johns Hopkins University's department of psychological and brain sciences, said: "What your grandmother might have told you about not going to the grocery store hungry seems to be true. You would probably make choices that you shouldn't or ordinarily wouldn't."

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