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Lack of social activity linked to motor function decline

23rd June 2009

Less frequent participation in social activity is associated with a more rapid rate of motor function decline among older adults, researchers claim.

A report published in the Archives of Internal Medicine examined over 900 adults from 1997 to 2008 and found each one-point decrease in a participant’s social activity score was associated with an approximate 33 per cent more rapid rate of decline of motor function.

Additionally, a one-point decrease on the social activity scale was the same as being approximately five years older.

Researchers claim the same amount of change is associated with more than a 40 per cent increased risk of death and a 65 per cent increased risk of developing disability.

Motor function decline in older individuals is associated with negative health outcomes including, disability, dementia and death.

The authors of the report conclude: “These data raise the possibility that social engagement can slow motor function decline and possibly delay adverse health outcomes from such decline.”

They concluded further work needs to be completed to find out the true extent of the issue.

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