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LCW’s 2023 Rebrand Journey

1st September 2023

Since they launched back in 2015, LCW has experienced the development of a talented workforce, a positive work atmosphere, and an innate desire for innovation and quality. LCW’s size has increased threefold as a consequence, and it has transformed into more than it initially set out to be. As a result of that thriving expansion, they took the opportunity to review their brand strategy and story, and at the beginning of this year, they took the plunge into a rebranding project.

They wanted something entirely different, a complete and comprehensive image makeover, and started from their foundation; strategy.

In order to determine their purpose, vision, overarching objectives, and values, LCW’s first step was to assess their internal brand. This prompted them to evaluate positioning, considering target market, rivals, and—most importantly—their USP. What they quickly discovered was that the solutions to these queries were apparent and, perhaps simpler to consider than the following step, brand expression.

Brand expression felt much more intimate- understanding how the essence of the business can be injected into daily operations. They had to discover and recognise what LCW’s unique character and standpoint really was in order to strip it down and analyse it, which they achieved through internal discussions.

The last stage, rebranding, required LCW to encapsulate and illustrate these considerations. Ultimately, they decided on ‘brand development’ as their business identifier.

LCW partnered with Cross Origin to aid in the consolidation and illumination of their new principles, strapline ideas, and primary messages. The partnership was successful, with Cross Origin developing brilliant design and a reimagined company identity that spoke to them right away.

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