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LED’s could increase their lifetime and produce more light

11th August 2020

A team from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and Imperial College London have discovered that LEDs could increase their lifetime and produce more light for the equivalent energy – they posted their report in the journal Light Science and Applications.

The team created the effect by putting a single layer of nanoparticles between an LED chip, which produces the clear coating that shields the chip, as well as the light. Despite the casing providing undesired reflections of the light emitted from the LED chip, it is essential. However, the team discovered a method to decrease the reflections by implementing a layer of finely tuned nanoparticles; as a result, emitting up to twenty per cent more light. Furthermore, the reflections also increase the devices’ heat, which degrades the LED chip faster; therefore, reducing the reflections could extend the lifetime of the LED chips and reduce heat.

The team’s next step is to create a prototype of the LED device with a nanoparticle layer.

Dr Debabrata Sikdar from IIT Guwahati, Co-author, stated: “We think that our innovation, based on fundamental theory and the detailed, balanced optimization analysis we performed, could be introduced into existing manufacturing processes with little disruption or added bulk.”

Professor Sir John Pendry, from the Department of Physics at Imperial, Co-author, stated: “It is obvious that with larger light extraction efficiency, LEDs will provide greater energy savings as well as longer lifetime of the devices. This will definitely have a global impact on the versatile LED based applications and their multibillion-dollar market worldwide.”

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