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Home Industry News Mast launches new CE-marked Seeplex Diarrhoea PCR test

Mast launches new CE-marked Seeplex Diarrhoea PCR test

21st August 2009

Mast has announced the launch of the new Seegene CE-marked Seeplex Diarrhoea multiplex PCR test.

The test, which works from direct stool samples, is capable of simultaneously picking up on a total of 15 different bacterial, toxin and viral pathogens within a five-hour timeframe.

It can be used as a whole or divided into three different components and could boost the ease with which laboratories screen stools for pathogens, the firm claims.

In turn, this could deliver further benefits for the scientific community, it adds, as turnaround time could be reduced, along with the space needed to store incubate and inoculate routine culture plates.

Furthermore, the equipment offers a single molecular assay for screening of the most frequently occurring viral pathogens.

Another product launched by Mast in recent weeks is its Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (Loopamp) RNA and DNA amplification kit, which it claims is "the ultimate in convenience" for scientists.


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