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METTLER Toledo introduces a new optical oxygen sensor

17th January 2008

METTLER Toledo has introduced the InPro6880i line of optical sensors to determine dissolved oxygen in fermentation processes with immobilised marker molecules.

The InPro6880i is based on a chemo-optical measurement principal and uses light to accurately determine dissolved oxygen during fermentation.

Marker molecules immobilised in an oxygen-sensitive layer are then excited by the green light and emit red light through a chemo-optical florescence process.

According to the company, the optical sensor does not need electrolyte or polarisation, "extending its operational availability and eliminating inadvertent handling errors".

It added that the products use of intelligent sensor management technology helps to further the maintenance effort and increase process safety.

Describing it as "innovative" technology, METTLER TOLEDO continued to state that the InPro6880i has been combined with INGOLD in controlling bioreactor applications to produce the most advanced measurement system.

This results in "new standard for enhanced performance and ease of use".

METTLER Toledo specialises in the area of precision instruments for professional use.

Its products are utilised within laboratories, industry and the retail sector.

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