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Micrometrics announces 4th quarter grant winner

29th January 2008

Micrometrics has selected the Department of Chemistry and Geology at Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia as the recipient of its fourth quarter grant.

The university was chosen to be given a Pulse ChemiSorb 2705 Catalyst Characterization System, by the company’s special grant selection committee.

Dr. Anil Banerjee, principal investigator, said: “The Pulse ChemiSorb 2705 system will be used for chemisorption and physisorption studies on a number of projects.

"We are setting up a catalytic research group that will conduct research in the areas of hydrogen storage and catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide using platinum, non platinum group metals, oxides, and alloys."

Dr Banerjee added that the university plans to train a number of high school chemistry teachers and very talented students to use the equipment.

Micrometrics’ president, Preston Hendrix, stated that the company was very "proud and excited" to present the award to support such "important research".

Micrometrics” Instrument Grant Programme is intended to provide important equipment to non-profit universities and research organisations to help foster significant projects.


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