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Home Industry News Micrometrics launches ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer

Micrometrics launches ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer

17th December 2007

Micrometrics has launched its new ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer for use in collecting physisorption data in an elevated high-pressure environment.

According to the company, the "easy to use" instrument features many of the design elements of the ASAP 2020.

It is equipped with a pressure transducer, which operates from vacuum to ten atmospheres, and is designed for fuel cell, hydrogen storage and pressure swing adsorption research applications.

The ASAP 2050 incorporates two independent vacuum systems, to allow simultaneous preparation of two samples and analysis of a third.

Micrometrics has stated that the preparation and analysis of samples can occur together without interruption or cross-contamination.

"A chiller Dewar and recirculating bath allow the ASAP 2050 to be operated indefinitely. The instrument also supports the use of a standard Dewar with cryogen (typically liquid nitrogen or argon) that will provide at least 50 hours of unattended analysis without refilling the Dewar," it continued.

Windows software is used to reduce the raw data collected during analysis, while an interactive reporting system includes an "extremely versatile" graphic user interface which can be used for custom presentation of results.

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