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Moderna Ad Represents New Tech Brand Vision

20th April 2023

Moderna soared into the premier of pharma and biotech firms in 2021 after ten years specialising in Research & Development. Post pandemic, the business aims to demonstrate that Covid 19 isn’t the only condition that their mRNA technology can cure.

The new advertisement illustrates how the firm’s technology can treat, prevent, or cure a variety of ailments. Chief Brand Officer, Kate Cronin, explained that “we wanted to show up more like a tech company in terms of the visuals and the whole experience of the creative, because we’re not going to be a typical pharma.”

The start of the ad features a young child fiddling with a piece of yarn in a field. Since the corporation created its new visual identity in 2022, the strand concept has been an important visual for Moderna. Their employees are even referred to as “strand ambassadors”.

According to Kate Cronin, their slogan for the advert is “This changes everything,” and is positioned to encourage individuals “to understand that this reflects the already unique intersection of technology, humanity, and health that is the world that [Moderna] operate[s] in”.

Cronin is pleased with how Moderna manages to set itself apart from “big pharma” in the advertisement, and she thinks it will encourage viewers to learn more about the business.

“It represents Moderna: we’re accessible, transparent, we want to engage with you.”

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