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MRI Systems Recalled Following Potential Risk of Explosion

3rd January 2024

The FDA designates the recall of Philips’ Panorama 1.0T HFO magnetic resonance imaging systems as Class I, the most severe category, due to the potential hazard of an explosion during a quench procedure. 

The machine’s modifications impact MRIs supplied across the United States, and akin to certain other MRI systems, Philips’ apparatus utilizes liquid helium. 

Helium gas accumulation in the MRI machine triggers a “quench” process, releasing the helium to alleviate pressure. If an obstruction hinders the venting mechanism during this process, it may lead to pressure surpassing the machine’s constraints, as noted by the FDA. 

Field service technicians are being dispatched by the corporation to check the device and perform any required maintenance and modifications.   

The FDA stated, “The magnet in the Panorama 1.0T HFO may experience an unintended quench during normal use or when initiated in an emergency by the operator pressing the Magnet Emergency Stop button.” 

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