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MSD reports ‘innovative method’ in obesity research

18th March 2008

Researchers at Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) are reportedly using innovative research methods to identify changes in gene networks that are linked to obesity.

The firm has published two studies showing that genetic susceptibility to obesity is not limited to mutations in a number of specific genes but is instead connected to changes in entire networks of genes.

Furthermore, the studies, which have been published in Nature, show how genomic techniques can be used to comprehend the complex changes that form the foundation of common diseases related to multiple genetic changes.

Scientists working at Merck Research Laboratories (MRL) and their colleagues engaged in genetic and gene expression analysis of tissues from a metabolic syndrome and a human population that was susceptible to obesity and analysed the data by integrating information from a number of sources to identify networks of alterations.

Eric E Schadt, scientific executive director of genetics at MRL, said: “If diseases like obesity are the result of complex networks of genes, the accurate reconstruction of these networks will be critical to identifying the best therapeutic targets.”

He added that the studies back the theory that common conditions including obesity are a result from environmental and genetic disturbances in whole gene networks, rather than merely a handful of genes.

Last month, statistics from the Information Centre revealed that prescriptions for obesity medication in 2006 were over eight times that recorded in 1999.

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