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MSN Reveals New OAB & UI Drug Targeted at Women in India

26th April 2023

Fesobig, a brand-new bioequivalent generic form of fesoterodine fumarate, has now been revealed by MSN Labs, a fully integrated multinational pharmaceutical firm.

A number of treatment advisory firms across the globe suggest using Fesobig for the management of overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary incontinence (UI), describing it as the most reliable and innovative form of primary pharmacological care.

MSN Group’s Managing Director, Dr Reddy, explained that “the launch of Fesobig (Fesoterodine) tablets is in line with our ongoing commitment to research in bringing affordable medications across critical therapies for alleviating the suffering of the Indian patients.”

MSN’s Executive Director, Mr. Bharat Reddy, explained that “besides helping recover from overactive bladder (OAB), we are certain that Fesobig will” remove “the social and psychological discomfort associated with the condition. We have ensured that drug is priced affordably so that it can benefit a vast majority of patients.”

Research shows that one third of females older than 50 experience urine incontinence, which negatively affects their quality of life. There is also a certain level of shame and inaccurate stereotyping around having this condition, with a huge number of people avoiding treatment because they are not educated on the topic and view it as a natural part of getting older.

Leaving the problem long term can result in a number of medical issues, which is an unnecessary evil considering the number of ways it can be treated. Some of the options include behavioural treatment, medication, and surgery.

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